Live painting & Music concert

The Dream Of Live Performance Painting & Music
Sunday 27 November 2022 2:00pm~3:00pm
The Great Hall, Arts Centre,Christchurch New Zealand

05/30- 06/4 Stories 2022 AND
Ginza Tokyo,Japan


Dreams 2021 Gallery Art Point Ginza,Tokyo

Arts Canterbury

I joined Artist of Canterbury.
I’d like to help society by sharing some of my art
as Christchurch city is rebuilt.
Artists of Canterbury の会員になりました。

The Star,Christchurch nor’west Newspaper September 17th 2020

NZdaisuki Magazine 2019 March

E-cube NewZealand Magazine 2018 March

Big Bang 11,2020

Big Bang 10,2019

Big Bang 8,2019

Big Bang 7

September 3 〜September 29 2018 South Library Christchurch.
I imagine the ripples from past to future.
Theses art works include art works
I painted when I was a high school student until now
over 29 years and many people’s paintings
from the USA and New Zealand.
I am just a tiny stone,
but once thrown out the stone makes the ripples
and the circle in the water get bigger.

Big Bang 5, 2017

Let’s connect the world with art!
South Christchurch library ,New Zealand
Both exhibitions displayed like a big wave.
My vision is that it connects New Zealand
and America beyond space and time with art.
I believe to connect people’s heart all over the world someday.

Big Bang 2015

Whishing imagination world is going into your heart. JAPAN DAY Christchurch New Zealand from Art Space

The Art Battle in Melbourne,Australia 2019 I was introduced before the live painting
as I came from Christchurch and there was a sad terrorism event.
I represent world peace through my art.
I painted people holding hands together and made a flower which is a symbol of love.
Also, I painted a happy bird flying above Christchurch Cathedral and Sydney Opera House.
The picture was sold by auction at the end and half of the profits and
tickets fees will be going to the Global women’s project.

Online Art Battle,New York In 2020

Art Battle made the YouTube.Have a good time to watch it!
YouTube を作ってくれました。楽しんで観てください!

Peace+Art+Music 24 hours Broad cast August 6th,2020

I participated the Peace+Art+Music 24 hours Broad
cast for August 6th,
the 75 anniversary of the atomic bombing.
平和と美術と音楽と 75周年広島平和記念の

京都嵯峨美・嵯峨芸術大学 同窓会後援
Supported by Kyoto Saga University of Art

Art Prize 9

September20~October8,2017 Preview September13~September19
Gerald R.Ford Internatinal airport of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.
Our Love Connects All Happiness
I connected New Zealander ,Japanese and American
different generations paintings with my arts.
I wish to represent world peace and so our world can be one.

Thank you so much for your support!


Graffiti Team Leader - Community Support Team

Christchurch City Council I had painted the graffiti with St.Magaret's college students at Ellmwood Park.
クラストチャーチのCity Council のグラフィティーチームのお仕事です。

The Parkin Drawing Prize Art award

The Parkin Prize exhibition can be viewed from 26 July - 27 August 2014 in the public exhibition
showcasing all finalists’ works to be held at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington
The Parkin Prize is valued at $20,000 and is Aotearoa New Zealand’s premier award for drawing.
The Parkin Prize promotes drawing in all its forms – as discovery, a testing of ideas, and decision making.
Drawing is a fundamental act – thinking and making, seeing and imagining. (Gregory O’Brien)
The Parkin Prize is a national award and an annual exhibition held at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts.
Each year the winning entry will be purchased and added to a unique collection of drawings by New Zealand artists.
2014年7月26日~8月26日 アカデミーアートギャラリー ウエリントン